DelhiGunner Resurrects

Ummm ok. The title might just be exaggerating things a bit, but I really wish DelhiGunner doesn’t die again. It was a long long time back when this blog was started (in my 11th standard I guess). The passion grew exponentially for some months, only to come to a stand still due to reasons unknown. Maybe I just wasn’t prepared to give up on my JEE studies I guess back during that time. Exactly I don’t remember.

So the question. Why now? The World Cup is on and most of this blog’s followers are in all probability busy watching Suarez in his country’s shirt. Well to be completely honest, I don’t think it matters. This blog is not written with the purpose of getting many views. The sole reason is to hopefully add some flavor to my otherwise mundane life it has become. 

I’d also like to mention Raghav’s name here, who recently started following this blog. As the notification popped in my mailbox, I was all of a sudden reminded of this blog. Yes. I’d forgotten. I felt a sudden urge to write. Unfortunately, it soon died. The same urge summoned upon me tonight and I hope this post will help it survive a tab bit longer.

Now coming to the topic this blog is concerned about, that is Arsenal Football Club. The first thing that comes to my mind, and I’m sure many other Gooners’ mind, at this moment of time is Cesc Fabregas’ transfer to rivals Chelsea. Unlike many, I was completely satisfied with the deal. I wouldn’t want to dwell upon the exhaustive reasons, some of which include the player funding a part of the fee from his own pocket to get away from Arsenal. And of course the most logical one being our priorities of signing a striker first. And a right back. AND a second choice keeper (a possible defensive midfielder too).

It’d be really ungrateful of me to not mention out FA cup success here in my comeback post. Cruel, too, given how much the players and the manager. I was on my knees when the final whistle blew. And the way the match went on, I wouldn’t be surprised to know some fan suffering from a minor heart attack.

I think I will stop here. It was nice to write something, anything, after so long. And i wish those of you who’ve subscribed are reminded of DelhiGunner, for he has resurrected.



I don’t know how many of you will read this. My guess is hardly any. 

The blog hasn’t been active for I don’t know how long but it’s been quite a while.

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The Unsung Gerv

Arsenal continued their climb up the table with a win against the Stoky Stoke.And that feeling of relief seeing no one was injured at the end was unmatched.Last year,we just nicked off the points with a header by our beloved Seb.We won it,yes,but no without losing two of our in-form players at that time.Cesc and Walcott were injured,I remember?

So  it was good that ALL Arsenal players were unscathed at the end of the 90 minutes.It wasn’t easy.Hard fought.Yes,but without some magic upfront,we’d never have won it.Gervinho and RvP is what I’m referring to.When they came together,it was totally different.Gervinho was good for the entire match but with Chamakh as his partner,most of what he created was wasted.And while I’m at Chamakh,he’s really turned into a bad bad player.I’ve supported the bloke for a long time but the fact that he doesn’t even face the goal most of the times really pisses if you’re a fan of the team in Red and White.And NOOOO!!!,Stoke have the same combo…But a Stoke fan probably wouldn’t be reading this.Or as it is,maybe not be reading at all.

Coming to the “One-man team” claims,I completely disagree.How can a team like the Arsenal,with their slow passing football be dependent on one player.How?Just cause Robin scores most of our goals lately doesn’t mean others are just standing puppets.A certain Gervinho scored one and assisted two.And to give credit where it’s due,he’s nothing short of brilliant since his arrival in the summer.The close control and quick feet he possesses is the best in the team.And whenever the ball’s at his feet,my excitement level goes up and I greedily except a goal-scoring opportunity.Every single time.

Arsenal support bigger than your forehead,Gerv!

Of course van Persie’s world-class and if we look at our current strikers,he’s miles away from the rest.That might be worrying looking at his injury record.An injury to him would probably be the worst that an Arsenal fan could think as of now.So yeah,he’s our best player.Yes,he carries the team forward.And yes,he’s inspirational.But he’s only ONE of the Arsenal players.And if the other 10 don’t play well,he’d be helpless.

I’d like to mention some other players too.Ramsey’s chip was unforgettable.Reminded me of someone present last year in the team.And Kozzer was a beast as usual.I regard him as one of the best defenders.Agree or don’t,I don’t care.His consistency and the effort he puts in never fails to surprise me.

I guess that’s it from me.Hope you read this and liked.Also,tomorrow’s Diwali,the Festival of Lights,so make sure you try to light up your neighborhood.

Till then…

Hey! Something needs to be written,eh?


Let me introduce myself.I’m Shubham,an avid Arsenal fan….oh wait!

My apologies for not writing since Arsenal won a match.And that’s long if you know how the current situation is.

I can safely assume that no one is going to read the shit I’m going to write in the next 30-40 minutes or so.And hell yeah I’ d still do it.Remember the “My Blog” thing,do ya?

It has been somewhat a huge decline in Arsenal’s ongoing performances.And I probably shouldn’t dwell on something that you people are completely familiar with.Yes the “Same Old,Same Old”.

Call me blunt or what but I can’t stand Arsenal being criticized.Even it’s correct.I just don’t.It gives me an adrenaline rush and if I were a bit lot more stronger,I’d punch him/her in the face.No compromise there.

As always I’d talk ONLY about the positives from the game and make sure you forget the counterparts.I really will!

The goalie first.Wojciech Szczesny.WOJCIECH SZCZESNY.I still might misspell Fabainski(of course literally here) but not this new Pole.If anyone would ask me who’s the current best in the EPL,I’d gladly say Chesney’s name.And looking at my friends’ footballing knowledge,they’d most likely go,”Whaaaat???”

The guy is serious awesomeness among others who,lets politely say,dwindle from being that to not so much.His girlfriend is also someone to brag about.So Szczesny-A complete package that is.

Now as most of you would be yawning,we move on to Koscienly.The French guy with the generic face.Apart from the Blackburn game(please don’t try to remember!),he’s been solid as a rock.And if you replace him with Song at the heart of your defence,you surely don’t expect a win against the Spuds.When he plays,our defence looks s much better.And I’d bet my money on him becoming an Arsenal legend in the very nearby fture.Along with Tommy V….

*Blog to be continued tomorrow*

We Are The Wiser,Smarter Man City

The transfer window closed at 4:30 in the morning here.I know many of you would’ve still been awake and looked at the on-rushing wheeling dealing.Sadly,I had to wake at 6 and hence sleeping early was the only option.Before putting the lights off,the last thing I read was the Arteta deal being called off.Obviously I was worried and looking at our current midfielders(before him and Benayoun’s transfer),there was no reason to think otherwise.According to my memory,Aaron Ramsey,aged 20, has played 90 minutes of the 5 matches we’ve played this season.Without a single break.A step too far for me.And it certainly showed in the last match which I wouldn’t want to mention(I still will!).

So the first thing I did on waking up at 6 was of course check the deadline deals.And to be honest,I had it in my mind that Arsene had left it too late.Again.The first thing I read was Anton Ferdinand’s transfer to QPR.A day which started with such a bad name couldn’t possibly get better.Thankfully,it did.

And then came Arteta.10m pounds.Bloody brilliant.*Let’s get ready now* Oh wait….. Yossi Benayoun was also in Arsenal stores.I hardly cared about that loan thing.For me,he’s a player as good as Tomas Rosicky.Not any better,not any worse.

And I knew no other thing could cheer me up as this.Simply could not.

Oh and did I forget to talk about the transfers we made before I slept.There was this big giant centre-back we all were craving for.No offence but he’d crumble any player who’d not give his 100% on the pitch.At least he can!

Personally(just to remind that this blog is mine!) I prefer Koscielny over him.You may call it my secret admiration for him or simply because he’s technically more astound.Either way it’s a win for me.Oh and I again forgot to mention the giant’s name…Per Mertesacker it is!

With Vermaelan, it’s called “Verminasacker”.Not by me.Someone more creative!

Dos Santos as a left-back was also signed yesterday.I don’t know anything about him and hence wouldn’t pass any judgments.Though i know he’s got some Brazil caps under his belt.Something which one of our regulars Denilson Pereira Neves never could.And he never will.Nor will his children.

Another thing was that the net spend on the recent 5 transfers was just a bit less than 50m.And then came all Torres jokes.I’m sick of them and no longer find them funny.If you do,Twitter’s the place for ya.Just that I don’t recommend so.

Last is the Korean captain Park.Again,no knowledge on my part.Hope he’s better than Bendtner who’s shipped himself to Sunderland on a year-long loan.Him claiming to be the best striker is just an oxymoron.Obviously.

If you might(just might) be wondering why I haven’t written lately,it’s mostly because of some team losing 8-2 somewhere.Not that I care.

I wouldn’t like to talk about it and nor should I.Would just like to quote P.B.Shelley from one of him poetry I read “If Winter is here,can Spring be far behind?” And I HOPE the spring has already arrived.Or maybe it will against Swansea.

Here’s hoping…

When It Rains,It Pours

Not writing for 2-3 weeks.Promising to write.And then failing.This blog looks to be heading down the drain.And I’ll be the only one reading that (D)rain-drenched blog,I guess.Finally I’m writing and the fact that I can read it means the next hour or so won’t be a complete waste.

On towards some serious matters.The start of the season hasn’t been much better than last one’s end.Players getting injured left,right and center.Arsenal not being decisive enough at either ends of the pitch.And the fans booing.That certainly doesn’t help the cause.

Losing your best player after such a long saga never helps and that is bound to show over the course of the season.Not saying that Ramsey isn’t ready to fill in but admit it,he’s no Fabregas.His work-rate and engine might be better but Cesc’s vision is only his.No one can match that.

It’s been 3 matches and we’ve scored one tiny little goal against Udinese.That’s it! We are yet to open our Premier League account.Going forward looks the major problem to me at this moment.Suspensions and injuries might be the reason.Gervinho’s looked seriously threatening EVERY time the ball has touched his gifted feet.And the end product will be visible in the upcoming days when he settles in with the team and its style.All in all,he’s looking our best attacking player.Better than RvP who hasn’t got the support from other players which he deserves.Walcott,you might wanna consider this!

The defence looks extremely solid with Koscielny and Vermaelan.Absolutely world-class.But as soon as Kozzer went off injured,it was there for everyone to see.No quality backups.Djourou is decent enough but I honestly don’t rate him.And regular readers will know of the extent of my love for Sebastian Squillaci.

Arsene,Your Legacy Might As Well Be At Stake

Next up is the suspensions.1 I like,3 i don’t.All of Frimpong,Song and Gervinho suspended.The ones I don’t like.Arsene suspended,I prefer.Lately,all he does is throw some unlucky water bottles here and there and cry when Ramsey puts it in his own net.And bring on Bendtner when we need a striker.A real one at that.

I’m not the only one who knows new players are needed.Both quality and quantity-wise.But to sign someone like Mertesacker or Dann doesn’t help either case.First of all,seriously talented players such as the likes of Hazard,Cahill,Jagielka or even Zarate are quite difficult to sign considering Arsenal’s strict wage structure.Second,what are the guarantees that the player signed will adapt well and help us mount a serious title-challenge.

One thing I’d like to see is to give the young AOC and Miyaichi a chance.I mean it’s the start of the season.And you try all new combinations and players NOW.Arsene,any reasonable explanation why you already haven’t?

And with that I sign off.There’s this little poll I’d like you to vote on.Your opinions will be hugely welcomed.They’re coming after such a long time you know!

In Arsene We Trust?

This isn’t a normal blog post and the same will be arriving late evening today itself.I’m writing this just to get an opinion of Gooners about the recent mishaps I might say.Losing to Liverpool,losing their best players and perhaps their confidence,just how optimistic do you feel about the season?Put in your votes below and let me know about it.

*Blog post coming late evening today*